Spectrum Petrographics




Standard (27x46mm)

Large (51x76mm)

Round (1")

18 µm Finish




0.5 µm Finish






Included in the base price

  • Embedding in clear resin
  • Mounting with acrylic to Na-silicate glass
  • Standard lapping with 18 µm abrasive
  • 30 µm final thickness
  • Original sample size must be less than or equal to: 40x21mm for Standard, 45x70mm for Large, and 22mm for round. Sample trimming is $2 per section.

Extra Preparations

  • Special embedding resins
  • Sensitivity to water, heat, or air
  • Extra hard or brittle materials
  • Mineral Stains
  • Coverglass
  • Thick sections
  • Double-sided polishing
  • Mounting with non-standard adhesive
  • Quartz glass slides

We are happy help you determine the most suitable preparation for your analysis. Please contact us at orders@petrography.com if you have questions or need an estimate.

Submitting an order

1. Download & fill out our spreadsheet order form (Mac or Windows)

  • sample identifiers
  • services requested
  • payment method
  • purchase order # (if applicable)
  • turn around time requested
  • ship-to street address
  • bill-to information

2. Email the completed spreadsheet order form as an attachment to orders@petrography.com

3. Ship your samples with a paper copy of both pages of the order form to:  

Spectrum Petrographics Inc.

3315 NE 112TH AVE 


Vancouver WA 98682