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1. Order forms

Download our order form (Excel or Numbers). Please complete both tabs, and include:

Unique Sample IDs (25 characters max) - these will be printed on the glass

If desired, note Microprobe Polish with "M" under Finish

If desired, note Coverglass with "I" under Covering

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2. Email

Email completed order forms to We copy-paste your digital form to avoid transcription errors. 

*Please include your scheduled analysis date so we can ship accordingly.

3. Ship

Include a hard-copy of your order form, securely package your samples and ship to:

Spectrum Petrographics, Inc.

3315 NE 112th Ave


Vancouver, WA 98682

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Invoices are sent by email within 2 weeks of order completion. We accept payment by Check, EFT/ACH and Credit Card via PayPal (no account necessary).